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  • ILEA strengthens law enforcement

    ILEA strengthens law enforcement

    ILEA celebrated the closing ceremony of the “Leadership Development Program” with participants from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay and El Salvador.

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Partnership For Growth

  • MCC signing
    U.S. and El Salvador Sign Investment Compact

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a $277 million compact with the Government of El Salvador, the second-largest investment in Central America by the U.S. Government agency since its creation 10 years ago. 

  • Outreach Centers in Cojutepeque
    Outreach Centers Provide Opportunities for Youth

    The outreach centers are an important tool for youth violence prevention located at the heart of high-risk communities. The centers provide opportunities for children and youth to take advantage of their leisure time through volunteering, job training, tutoring, and a methodology called "The challenge of my life dream". 

  • USAID will build modern bridge in San Vicente
    USAID will build modern bridge in San Vicente

    USAID and MOP launched the construction of the permanent bridge over the Acahuapa River, valued at $4.9 million. The river will connect the municipalities of San Vicente and Apastepeque. 

  • U.S. Supports 13 Municipal Prevention Plans
    U.S. Supports 13 Municipal Prevention Plans

    13 Municipal Crime Prevention Plans were launched in an effort to develop a culture of prevention at the municipal level thus creating safer communities in selected municipalities. 

  • US Funded Emergency Shelter opens
    US Funded Emergency Shelter opens

    US Ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, participated in the inauguration of a structure that will serve as both a gym and a shelter for school and the surrounding San Jose Villanueva, La Libertad. 

  • PFG Celebrates 2-year Anniversary
    PFG Celebrates 2-year Anniversary

    In honor of the 2nd anniversary of the PFG, the governments of the United States and El Salvador hosted a fair at MetroCentro to present the programs and advances made thus far under PFG. 

  • English Access CCSA
    English Access program graduates 161 students

    161 students from San Salvador and San Miguel became graduates of the US funded program “English Access”. Through the Public Affairs Section, Centro Cultural Salvadoreño Americano (CCSA) received a grant of $150,000 to provide English and computer classes to this group.