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Visas for Emergency Travel

Emergency Travel

If you have urgent need to travel for an emergency (such as life and death medical treatment or death of immediate family member), if you are a business traveler in need of an expedited appointment, or if you are applying for a student (F-1, M-1) or (J-1) exchange visitor visa and you have to travel before the next available interview appointment to begin class, please call the call center using the 900-6011 number if you have a Telecom line or call our Regional U.S. Visa Information Center using a special Telefonica card and explain the nature of the emergency. All applicants should note that they will still need to prove that they qualify under US law to receive a visa. Remember only genuine emergencies qualify for a special appointment.

Visas for Medical Treatment or Humanitarian Reasons

There is no special visa for medical treatment or other humanitarian concerns. Such applicants must still overcome the presumption in section 214b INA that they are intending immigrants and therefore ineligible to receive a visa. Interviewing officers, however, will give applicants needing medical treatment or traveling for humanitarian reasons every consideration possible under the law. In order to help us help you receive a nonimmigrant visa for travel to the United States to obtain medical care, the following documentation should be provided:

  1. A professional diagnosis of the illness and evidence that it cannot be treated in El Salvador;
  2. Official letter from U.S. hospital and doctors, accepting patient for treatment and providing estimated cost and length of medical treatment;
  3. Evidence regarding ability to pay for the treatment; and
  4. Proof of social, economic and professional ties in El Salvador that will compel the applicant to return to his/her home country following completion of the medical treatment.

Click here to learn how to apply for the visa at this Embassy.